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Börne, Ludwig

Börne, Ludwig

The secret of power is knowing that others are more cowardly than we are

Humor is not a gift of the mind, it is a gift of the heart

The setting of gems increases their price, not their value

Humanity is the immortality of mortal people

Public opinion is the invisible armor of the people

A woman of inner goodness has always been found lovable, and one who is found ugly after three days is certainly not lovable

Losing a delusion is wiser than finding a truth

There are people who are stingy with their intellect as others are with their money

There are a thousand diseases but only one health

The people can be their own tyrant and often have been

Too much is governed - here is the evil

France is the dial of Europe

Great passions are like forces of nature. Whether they do any good or harm depends only on the direction they take

If world history had an index of subjects, as it has an index of names, it could be used better

One does not heal passions with reason, but only with other passions

One can replace one idea with another, except that of freedom

Ministers fall like sandwiches: usually on the good side

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