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Ötztal Alps

The Ötztal Alps are in Austria near Tyrol. You are a heavily glaciated
Section of the Eastern Alps and lie between the Rechenscheideck in the west, the
Passeier Valley and Ötztal in the east as well as the Oberinntal in the north and the Unter-Vintschgau
in the south.

The rock of the Ötztal Alps consists of crystalline slate and has the largest
Glaciation compared to all Austrian mountain ranges.

The Ötztal Alps include many mountain lakes and peaks over 2500 m in height.
The highest mountain in the Ötztal Alps is the 3768 m high Wildspitze at the same time the highest mountain in North Tyrol.
Other high peaks of the Ötztal Alps are:

    Weißkugel, 3738 m
  • Similaun, 3599 m
  • Rear Brochkogel, 3624 m
  • Rear blackness, 3628 m
  • Similaun, 3599 m
  • Front Brochkogel, 3562 m
Large glaciers are listed proportionally by size:

Gepatschferner, then Gurglerferner, Hintereisferner and Großer Vernagtferner.
The primary ridge of the Ötztal Alps also forms the main ridge of the Alps

in this region, where the border between Austria and Italy
runs. The Kaunertal, the Pilztal and the
fall from the north Venter Tal in the mountain massif, with the Vernagttag embedded in the south
is. There are many ski resorts and reservoirs in these regions.

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