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50100-50199 The Wii console has been disconnected from the Internet * Make sure your internet connection is working properly. To do this, go to any website on your computer (e.g. https://www.nintendo.de/) and check that the page loads correctly.
* Make sure your home network is set up correctly. For example, you can verify that your broadband modem is connected to the router and not to your computer. For more information about setting up a home network, either refer to the router's manual or contact your ISP.

50200-50299 The Wii console's Internet settings have not yet been configured You must first go through a quick setup process to connect your home network to the Wii console.

50300-50399 The Wii console's internet settings are incorrect This could concern information such as SSID (name), WEP or WPA key or any manual settings.

50400-50499 The Wii LAN Adapter is not installed correctly. -

51000-51099 - 1. Please make sure your router is not on our list of incompatible routers. Click here for a list of routers that, in our experience, are not compatible with the Wii console. If your router is on the list, it is very likely that it is not compatible with the Wii console's online functionality. If your router is not in the list, please continue with step 2.
2. Make sure your network name (SSID) matches that in the Wii console settings.
a) Login to your router using your default IP (refer to your router manual for further instructions).
b) Locate the SSID section (usually found in the "Wireless Settings" section). Once you have found the SSID (the network name), make sure that the SSID in your Wii console's Internet settings is the same as that of your router. Upper and lower case letters, spaces and special characters must also match.

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