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error code error description Error cause possible solution
81019002 Error copying save files from A to B - -

840140D01 connection error. USB wifi problem - select another USB port

98765432 Language selected for which the font file is missing (DAX FW error) - -

CA000005 keys.bin not found when launching converted PSX games (only on older CFWs) - -

CA99995F no entry for the game in act.dat (Flash2) - Download game again

CTA80000025 Fatal Error: Key 0x0100 (Key 100) Regional key is missing or corrupt - -

DADADADA Start an official firmware update on a custom firmware so that you don't accidentally overwrite your CFW with a FW - -

DRNFFFFFFCD System configuration error - common with damaged ID Storage - -

FFFFFED3 Decryption error when using devhook or other launchers - -

FFFFFFFF PSP update failed - -

UKN9000001 Update does not start. Files broken - -

UUKN9000001 The official FW update could not be started because the update files were modified - -

xx410xxx Internal firmware or board error - -

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