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network planning technology

Network planning technology

Procedures that serve to analyze, plan, control and monitor processes are referred to as network planning techniques. The graphical or tabular representation of processes and dependencies is called a network plan. The network planning technique is used primarily in the planning, coordination and control of complex project processes, where many activities, including parallel ones, need to be coordinated with one another. Time, costs and resources are taken into account in this planning.

The network plan technique was developed in 1956 in order to be able to plan and carry out complex projects more optimally, especially in industry. DIN 69900 was created in the 1970s, in which terms and representation techniques were documented.

The process of creating a network plan can be divided into four steps:
1. Breakdown of the overall task into processes
2. Assignment to executing instances
3. Identification of Order Dependencies
4. Estimation of the duration of individual processes

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