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Materials are work equipment of a purely material nature. These are further processed in production processes. They either go into the respective end products or are consumed during their manufacture. Normally, these are supplier parts, auxiliary materials or raw materials, which are combined with the operating materials to form the materials.

The properties and quality of the end products or semi-finished products are permanently influenced by suitable materials. Materials are tested to ensure quality in material testing.

Materials have been used throughout human prehistory, for example the material for a hand ax is a typical Stone Age material.

The technical use of metals such as gold, silver and copper began in the 8th millennium BC. However, the practical value of these materials was still too low, which led to the discovery and production of bronze. Their production already requires modern mining to provide copper and tin ores, smelting techniques were also necessary. Iron could also be smelted thanks to ever-improving technologies. In addition, with the emergence of settlements and cities, the need for building materials such as wood and stone grew. Metals were needed for cutting and thrusting weapons and coins, ceramics and glass for household items.

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