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In 2001, Microsoft released the first version of the Xbox.
A game console which is largely based on slightly modified PC components.
The four controller interfaces allow games to be played against or with each other.
Due to the Ethernet interface, which was already known in the field of computer technology, network games are not a problem.
Microsoft focused on a several gigabyte hard drive as a storage medium.
In order to enable the saving of game statuses and the caching of the last game played.

The technical details ( 2001)

  • Processor: 733 Megahertz PIII from Intel
  • Graphics processor: 250 megahertz chip from Nvidia
  • Main memory: 64 megabytes
  • Mass storage: DVD drive, 8GB hard drive, 8MB memory card
  • Hard disk: 8 gigabytes
  • DVD drive: 2.5x DVD
  • Connections: 4x game controllers; Ethernet card (10/100)
  • Sound: 256 audio channels; 3D audio; MIDI
  • Maximum resolution: 1920x1080

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