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Along with boxing and wrestling, fencing is one of mankind's first competitions, originally it was an armed struggle between two people. In Germany it was mainly practiced at universities, in 1862 the first fencing club was founded in Hanover, in 1896 the first German championships took place.

Fencing is a one-on-one sport in which the aim is to hit the opponent with a sword, foil or saber without being hit yourself. The opponents are connected with an electronic cable and wear electrically conductive protective clothing. The fencing piste, the so-called planche, is 14 m long and 1.80 to 2 m wide. The clothes of the fencers consist of fencing suit, mask and gloves. The hitting surface of the foil is a colored brocade vest. With the sabre, the entire upper body is the target area (including arms and head), with the epee the entire body. With a pressure of more than 500g on the spring tip of the weapon, the signaling device indicates a hit, with foil and saber there is also a hit priority. Double hits are only possible with the sword. The winner of individual skirmishes is the first to score 5 hits in a preliminary round or 15 hits in a knockout. mode set. In a team competition, 3 fencers per team face each other. The fight rules in fencing are monitored by a so-called umpire.

World championships have been held since 1937, which (except in the Olympic years) take place annually. Fencing has been part of the Olympic program since 1896, and fencing has also been part of the Olympics for women since 1924. In Olympic years, Olympic fencing tournaments are also counted as world championships.


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