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The term continent, which translates from Latin as "contiguous country", denotes closed mainland masses. According to the most common classification, the earth is divided into 7 continents: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica. The continents of the earth make up 29% of the earth`s surface, the rest is taken up by the oceans, seas and islands.

About 300 million years ago there was the supercontinent Pangea, which broke apart in more and more places over the course of time. The 7 continents we know today were formed from the fragments.

All continents and oceans are supported by the earth`s crust, which is broken up into large and small plates that float on the liquid rocks of the earth`s interior. Since this rock is constantly in motion, the continents are moved, Europe and America move away from each other about 2 cm every year.

Mountains were also created by this tremendous force in the interior of the earth. push e.g. B. 2 plates of the earth`s crust together, rock is pushed upwards. This is how the Himalayas came into being, the Alps exist because the tectonic plate of Europe collides with that of Africa.

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