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License Plate

license plate

The car number plate (motor vehicle number plate) colloquially also number plate is a label issued by the motor vehicle registration offices. It serves as proof that a vehicle is approved for road traffic.

Today's vehicle license plates in Germany are designed as euro license plates. They consist of a distinguishing sign and an identification number. There is space for plaques between the distinguishing mark and identification number.

distinctive signs:

The distinguishing sign indicates the administrative district (district-free city, district or in Saarland also medium-sized towns) in which the vehicle has its regular location. It can have from one to three letters. (e.g. EM for the district of Emmendingen or F for the independent city of Frankfurt a.M.)

identification number

The identification number has one or two capital letters (no umlauts) and a number, which can usually have one to four digits (in exceptional cases up to six).

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