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In economics, the break-even point is the point at which the revenue and costs of production (or a product or operation) are the same and therefore neither loss nor profit is generated. One can say that at the break-even point the contribution margin of all products sold is identical to the fixed costs (possibly taking into account the variable cost of goods). If you exceed the breakeven point, you make a profit, if you fall below it, you make a loss. The break-even point can be subject to different approaches.

Business plan (business plan / sample business plan )
A business plan is a written (today also digital) document, usually of several pages, that describes a business opportunity and actions to be taken to exploit or expand a business opportunity. A business plan is necessary both for founding a company and for the strategic and operational planning of existing companies. A marketing and financial plan as well as a procurement, production, personnel and sales plan are usually components. The financial plan represents a core of the business plan. It reflects a plausible estimate/preliminary calculation of the necessary financial and human resources and the expected sales. This qualifies the profitability of the investment.
Existing franchise systems almost always deliver a ready-made, well thought-out, feasible and tried-and-tested Business plan for takeaway and Co. "free house" with.

franchising / Franchise Businesses
A franchise company is a company or an organization that represents a franchise system or acts as a licensor / franchisor. In the case of franchises, one speaks of the granting of rights, or the granting of licenses or the granting of rights of use.


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