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A winery is a farming operation that specializes in growing its own grapevines. After the harvest, the fresh grapes must be processed immediately. Most of them produce wines of all kinds, but also wine-like products such as sparkling wine and semi-sparkling wine, which are produced and marketed. In addition to alcoholic beverages, this can also be grape juice, which can be purchased at the winery.

The winery works on its own responsibility and is responsible for the care of the vineyard and the harvest of the grapes, the care of the vineyard and for the production and bottling of its own products. The name of the winery is often also the brand name for its products. Wineries attach great importance to quality. The differences in quality of the vines depend, among other things, on the slope, the microclimate, the soil conditions and in which region the vines are planted.

These factors have a positive effect on yield and yield quality. Since wine-growing has a millennia-old tradition, it has also gained great economic importance over this long period of time, since wine culture has always represented a very special expression of joie de vivre, enjoyment and lifestyle.

Beautiful vineyards and magnificent vineyards not only characterize the landscape of many regions but also the economy of numerous countries, as they offer a wide range of tourist uses such as wonderful wine hiking trails. Many wineries also offer accommodation, cellar tours and wine tasting. Wineries are often family businesses or of monastic or aristocratic origin.


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