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They live!

They live!

Title: You live!
John Nada (Roddy Piper) is a man who after a long search and starvation has finally found a job and a new friend named Frank. This helps him to sleep in a wooden castle where there is also free food.
Most of the people there spend their time in front of the television, they see what the channel puts in front of them. But sometimes the program is interrupted. People hack into the show and tell viewers something about an alien power that is misusing humanity for their own ends and only thinking about their own profit.
Nada becomes curious as he watches the police storm a nearby church, killing the priest and completely destroying the boarder castle.
He wants to get to the bottom of the matter and discovers a box of sunglasses and a laboratory in the church ruins.
When he puts on one of these in the city, he suddenly sees it with different eyes and notices that the advertising posters and newspapers only have commands like "Consume", "Obey" or "Watch TV!" stand.
In addition, not all people look the same with these glasses, but some people have ugly disfigured faces, which one cannot see without the glasses. He realizes that the media sends subliminal messages and keeps people calm through hypnotic auras.
Nada is forced to act and goes into battle against the aliens.
Director: John Carpenter
Actor: Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster
Playing time: Age rating: Theatrical release:
91 minutes FSK 18 1988


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