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Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayrami (April 23)

Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayrami (April 23)

German name: National Sovereignty Day and Children's Day

The 23 Nisan (German: April 23) is an official holiday for the children. On this day, little boys and girls are celebrated with parades and street parties, and adults are reminded that children are "Our Future". In Turkey, children wear traditional costumes or typical, traditional clothing on this day. Games and dance festivals are organized.

Story of April 23rd

"April 23", which commemorates the opening of the "Turkish Grand National Assembly", was dedicated by Atatürk to Turkish children, who in the future will gain influence as a personality within the framework of state administration. Atatürk dedicated this day to children under the motto "Çocuklarimiz gelecegimizdir" (Our children are our future). Since 1979, the holiday has had the extended title "International Children's Festival". April 23 is the first and only festival in the world dedicated to children.

Customs for April 23 (Nisan 23)

On this day, Turkish children wear traditional costumes or typical, traditional clothes. Every year groups of children from abroad are invited to Turkey, who then take part in the celebrations in traditional costumes of their home countries. The parades are organized by the Turkish radio and television station TRT.

On April 23, the administrations of public authorities throughout the country (e.g. state presidency, prime minister, Turkish Grand National Assembly, regional council, city hall) will be handed over to children for a certain period of time.



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