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Carnival clique

Every year, the individual cliques wear uniform, imaginative costumes that have been newly designed and oversized heads (similar to the Mainz swelling heads) and masks. These costumes are worn on all three days.
A clique is usually divided into groups according to age and gender. Common groups are Binggis (children from about 8 years), Junge Garde (youths 12-18 years), Stammverein (from 18 years) and Alte Garde (for members who no longer want to walk the fast pace of the parent club) The individual groups of a clique run separately at the Cortége (Monday and Wednesday afternoon procession), the clique only appears together on the Morgenstraich.

A Fasnachtclique (Fasnachtsgesellschaft) usually consists of several formations, each of which is formed from (from the top to the end) Vortrob and Spiel.

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